TAYRONA ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS offers full packages in development, pre-production, production and post-production stages for the making of commercials and music videos, including:


•        Pre-visualization
•        Casting.
•        Production design
•        Location scouting
•        Set construction
•        Shooting schedules


•        Budget making
•        Rental equipment
•        Contract and legal affairs
•        Set coordination and logistics
•        Editing and post-production services.


The following is a short description of our creative process:

  • The Product Orientation Meeting is where our journey begins. This is a day of discovery that our team will spend with your team, learning everything we can about your product and your goals and objectives for the commercial campaign or music video.
  • Creative Concept comes next and includes the overall creative direction for the show, the promise, an outline, possible theme lines, segment and demo ideas, talent suggestions and much more. Once agreed upon, this document will be our guide throughout the creative process.
  • Locations, Sets and Talent will be scouted, designed, cast and coordinated. We’ll furnish you with location shots and set sketches, as well as secure models, experts, dancers, testimonials, etc.
  • The Script is where all our collaboration and concepts will come to life. The right words or actions will help us connect with our audience, keep them engaged and excited.
  • Choosing the talent is a critical part of the process.  Should be likable, enthusiastic and spotlight the products, and keep the ‘flow’ of the showing moving.


Production services we provide:

  • The Shoot is where the main action takes place.
  • Editing is both highly creative and very technical. Our team knows how to find the best moments and put them all together for the most impact. Our state-of-the-art editing equipment puts all the latest tricks and techniques at their fingertips.
  • Graphics and Animation are key elements in any production. They help viewers understand how and why the product works, plus give the show a distinctive look.
  • Music (for commercial) sets the modal and inspirational or energizing and exciting. We’ll either create original music or purchase existing music that complements your product and enhances the pace of the show.

Some of our clients: